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Fuck it, I’m just done with everything at this point..

It’s sad when you are your 2nd biggest Fan on Tumblr.


Reblog if you trying to be something on here cause you feel like you ain’t shit

Following those who pull this up, hell I’ll even talk to you if your into shit like that

“ The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re okay. ”

—    Unknown  (via halluzinogen)

(via nftlee)

It's alright. I know what you mean

A question by Anonymous

I know some that can relate. Not going to stress though. Nothing really changes that way.

you stressed man? Nothing mean, just asking.

A question by Anonymous

Nah, just a bit annoying to have to jump through hoops to be chill, you know? I was over it after I made that post. Much obliged.

I was thinking of falling back off tumblr

Posting, sending messages, & liking shit

& barely ever see that kind of love back kinda leaves a user hurt you know? I feel good about the 3 years I’ve been on here, but something has got to give.

Ehh.. Must be scare to say something to me or some shit.